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MY Antimicrobial Stewardship Course 

Overview: Welcome to the MY AMS Course, an online training platform using case-based scenarios to strengthen antimicrobial prescribing knowledge and skills. Global antimicrobial resistance combined with a dearth of new antibiotics has created an urgent need for appropriate use of existing arsenal of antimicrobials. Appropriate antimicrobial prescribing improves patient outcomes and reduces the emergence of resistance.  

Antimicrobial stewardship is the solution - a set of coordinated interventions designed to improve antimicrobial prescribing by promoting  optimal choice, dose, duration and route of administration. Everyone can be an "antimicrobial steward" by practicing appropriate prescribing and educating those around you! 

Learning objectives:

By the end of this course, participants should be able to understand the fundamentals of antimicrobial prescribing and tools for stewardship, and how to apply them in common clinical scenarios in their daily practice.

Who should participate? This course is suitable for doctors, pharmacists, nurses or anyone who is interested in this topic.

This course is divided into several sections. Each section may have more than 1 module. You may choose to attempt as many categories as you like.  The modules provide narrated lessons with slides and includes case based discussions to illustrate the learning points. 





English language


Certificate of completion will be awarded

on completion of each course section


​​​CPD points will be awarded after each module 

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Course Sections


The Basics (Enrol now)

A. Module 1: Antibiotics 101

B. Module 2: Antimicrobial Resistance

C. Module 3: Principles of Antibiotic       Prescribing


Pneumonia (Enrol now)


Urinary Tract Infection (Enrol now)

Surgical antibiotic prophylaxis

(Enrol now)

Primary Care (Enrol now)

Disclaimer: This course is not meant to replace clinical judgement and the need to seek advice of specialists in infectious disease or microbiology especially for cases which are complex and cases beyond the scope of most guidelines.  


Technical contribution:

Dr Suresh Kumar Chidambaran (Hospital Sungai Buloh), Prof Dr Sasheela Ponnampalavanar (University Malaya Medical Centre), Dr Benedict Sim (Hospital Sungai Buloh), Dr Suraya Amir Husin (Ministry of Health), Dr Anjanna Kukerje (University Malaya Medical Centre), Dr Wong Pui Li (University Malaya Medical Centre),  Dr Petrick @ Ramesh K. Periyasamy (University Kebangsaan Malaysia) , Dr Anilawati Mat Jelani (Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab II), Dr Cheng Joo Thye (Hospital Seberang Jaya), Dr Nur Hanani Binti Ahmad (Hospital Sungai Buloh), Dr Syamhanin (Hospital Sungai Buloh) , Ms Lau Chee Lan (University Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre), Prof Dr Syafinaz Amin Nordin (University Putra Malaysia), Prof Dr Ariza Adnan (Universiti Technologi Mara) and those mentioned in the respective course section.

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